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User agreement

  1. To avoid any dispute, please read this agreement carefully before accepting. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, members will be deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions of our products.
  2. Members is responsible for the confidentiality and security of his account and password. The bet placed and accepted by player’s account will be regarded as a valid bet. We recommend players update their passwords frequently. If player’s account is stolen, the company will not be liable or compensate.
  3. The company reserves all disputes and final decisions when changing terms and game rules. Any adjustments or modifications to this agreement will take effect immediately after the agreement is announced. All changes will be announced in the WINBOX announcement.
  4. Before playing any game of our company’s products, player must be over the age of legal under local law.
  5. If bets is not submitted successfully in our company’s game, the bet will be considered invalid and the final result will be based on our company’s database records.
  6. If members voluntarily or automatically logout before the result of the game, the bets result of the game will not be valid.
  7. In case of any unavoidable situation, including natural disasters or hacker attacks that cause data loss, please pay attention to the company’s further notice or contact the company yourself.
  8. The company records all online transactions and gaming activities, if there is a dispute, will be processed according to the recording.
  9. In case we finds any inappropriate method (plug-in) or any illegal group. gambling behavior that causes damage to the ours company, we have reserves the right to cancel the illegal bet.
  10. If there are any inconsistencies in the rules and terms described in different languages, please refer to the English version.
  11. If there are external factors such as poor network connection, network connection error, poor hardware, etc., there may be differences between the Company’s product data and the database data. The final result will be based on the data recorded in the Company’s database.
  12. The company reserves the right to suspend or close customer accounts at any time. If you violate any of the terms, including deceiving, hacking, attacking, manipulating or impairing the spirit of normal betting, any winnings including account balances will be confiscated.
  13. After the game begins, the company does not allow members to place any bets or raises. If the company mistakenly accepts bets or raises from members after the start of the game, the company reserves the right to cancel and void such bets. Or the players have already obtained it in advance. When betting is made when the final result of any game is known, the company reserves the right to reject or invalidate such bets. The final decision right depends on the company.
  14. If your deposited funds fail to reach the minimum double turnover (the effective bet amount is the same as your deposited amount), we will not allow you to make any withdrawals, which means that your withdrawal request is not accepted.

Game Play Agreement

All members are required to agree to and abide by the terms and conditions in this agreement. Any adjustment or modification of this agreement will take effect immediately after the announcement, and WINBOX will not notify each user separately. After the announcement, users who continue to use the service will be deemed to agree to the revised terms.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please do not violate the fairness principle of the game. 2.Please do not deliberately cheat or try to influence the outcome of the game.
  2. Please do not deliberately cheat or try to influence the outcome of the game.
  3. The influence of external factors such as poor network connection, connection error, poor hardware, etc. may cause the game results to be different from the records in the server and database. When this happens, the final game result will be based on the results recorded in the server and database.
  4. WINBOX reserves the right to add, change or cancel all or part of the system or function in the service without notifying each member. In addition, all games of WINBOX are subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement.